Zambia sits in south-central Africa and borders eight countries. The country is named for the Zambezi River, which flows from northern Zambia to the Indian Ocean.

Population: 14,075,100
Life Expectancy: 57 yearszm
Access to Safe Water: 64%
School Enrollment: 97%
Land Mass: 290,587 sq. mi.
Literacy Rate: 61%
Under Age 5 Mortality Rate: 89/1000
Average Annual Income (GNI): 1,350

Facts about Zambia

Economic Development
Lack of employment still remains a big challenge for the country. Reports indicate that only 600,000 of the total population of the country’s 13 million people are in formal employment.

Zambia has a high HIV prevalence rate. The HIV epidemic in Zambia impacts women and girls more than men and boys.

Food & Agriculture
Zambia depends heavily on agriculture, but inconsistent rainfall patterns have threatened farming seasons recently. This has led to food insecurity.

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