Vulnerable Children Campaign

Through a screening process at Linda Community School we have had the privilege to follow up with 10 of the neediest children from surrounding villages that attend the school.  

Here is a list of some of the childrens names and the proposed project to assist them in three areas of life: empowerment through identity in Christ, protection (including home and health), and sustainable income based projects such as the creation of small business and savings. We strive to work alongside these children and their guardians to bring hope and a better future. 

  1. Gladys Chama
  2. Promise Siabanyama
  3. Chipo Kachana
  4. Siphosami Mulenga
  5. Webster Mpokosa
  6. Bismark Siamalya
  7. Grace Makwala
  8. Priscilla Nasilele
  9. Oscar Simasiku
  10. Doreen Ndumba

Please partner with us toward the empowerment and healing of one or all of these amazing children and/or families. This is just the beginning of great work going on through the generosity of the partners of Living Hope International.