Creating Difference: Child to Child

How is it possible to create a difference?

By working alongside people and communities in a way that empowers the community to sustain itself.  We are committed to changing lives by helping shape communities to find solutions to poverty that are not merely limited to financial destitution.  This video is an example of one boy from the United States taking action and remembering another boy his age on the other side of the world.  This is significant because Living Hope is working to develop this child not only through access to education and sustenance, but also resolving the immediate housing need that his boy and his grandfather required to be able to begin contributing to the community.  You can have a direct impact on another person's life and their community! Partner with us and start making a difference today. As you will see in the video, your children can impact another child for the better.  Please watch and see what remembering the poor looks like: Child to Child