IMG_0995Living Hope serves along side another ministry called Covenant Family Churches, a network of churches lead by Dr. Steve Ottolini. Together these organizations serve the people in the developing world through humanitarian relief aid, education, church planting, and development. Further, Dr. Ottolini leads a training ministry called “Covenant Leadership Training Institute” a comprehensive school designed to equip leaders and pastors in Biblical theology.


Recently, Covenant Family Churches and Living Hope completed a new Training Institute in Karachi Pakistan. Mike Hayden and Gary Finkbeiner of “Reach the Nations” traveled to India and Pakistan conducting seminars for church leaders and celebrated the opening of CLTI Pakistan. Here is a brief video of that trip:

Due to the Coronavirus our dear brothers and sisters in Christ who are part of CFC Karachi have suffered greatly. Living Hope has sent finance to help alleviate the hunger.

Here are a few pictures of people receiving food: