Linda Community School

Living Hope International began working with Linda Community School in May of 2007.  Our involvement was born out of a summer internship where David Ottolini spent three months serving the small, understaffed and undeveloped school.  Since 2007 Living Hope has served this community school by providing its teachers with financial aid as well as much needed supplies.  The students are supplied with school uniforms, shoes, textbooks, and school supplies as well as sports equipment.  Living Hope also provides a full time staff member, Gilford Kasota, to oversee the school program as well as food distribution to the poorest families.  Catherine Chilambe, the head teacher, reports the school has grown from 236 children to 408 since Living hope became involved!  She sees families come every day asking for a placement for their child at Linda School.  

What is a Community School?

A question often asked: What is a community school? The simple answer: A community school is free to orphans and vulnerable children, where government schools charge a fee and require families to purchase uniforms.  Most community schools have unqualified teachers or teachers still in training.  Most community school teachers do not receive salaries, but volunteer, often unable to continue serving, as they need to earn money to support themselves and their family.  The Zambian government sometimes allows community schools to use old abandoned school buildings.  The government will supply a head teacher and pay their salary.  They do not offer textbooks, uniforms, teachers, or repair and maintenance to school buildings.  Living Hope has partnered with Linda Community School to supply what is lacking to make Linda School a success.  Through generous donations we have been able to see this community school thrive.  We have grown to such an extent we will need nearly double our budget for 2016.  Please pray for the school and the resources needed to keep educating these poor orphans. 

100% Pass Rate since Living Hope Involvement

Prior to Living Hope involvement with Linda Community School less than 25% of the 7th graders passed their exams to advance to 8th grade.  With the help of teachers' support, textbooks and learning materials the school has achieved a 100% pass rate! Congratulations to Linda School teachers and students for successfully completing 7th grade requirements and exams.

For as little as $27 a month, you can provide an education for the children of Linda Community School.


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