Ismail Minj

Ismail Minj

Meet Ismail

lhi sponsor child 7 summary

child 7_3Ismail wants to be a policeman when he grows up. He loves soccer, running, and hide-&-seek. With a family annual income of only $350, Ismail's prospects are low. He has one older brother that the family had tried to put into school, but Ismail's father, Fagu, was diagnosed with tuberculosis and struggled working while ill, ending the boys' education. After long treatment and by the grace of God, Ismail's father has recovered from tuberculosis but has bene left weak and unable to labor in the fields.


child 7_1Ismail's mother, Rita, has been working to support the family by laboring in rice and
potato fields for a nearby farmer. She earns $2 a day. Fagu and Rita are praying that a sponsor will change Ismail's life to help him begin his education. 


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