Living Hope works in various nations and villages around the world. Here we feature some of the work LH is doing in North Bengal India. Living Hope sponsors 10 Pastors who each lead a church through a network of churches called Covenant Family Church. Most of the pastors and members in their congergations work as subsistence farmers growing rice and vegetables. Many work in the local Tea Garden or factories for $48 a month. 

Recently due to the Coronavirus the people have not been able to work in the Tea garden or factories…
Prabir Narjinary is the senior leader who oversees the 10 churches and has indicated the level of suffering the pastors and members in the churches are going through he writes.
“Our day laborers, which include many of our elders and pastors like Sohojit, Malchand, Philemon, Baburam and Bijoy are all struggling to maintain their livelihood. Tea Garden and factories are closed down. We need much prayer in this circumstance, they are really suffering”…
Living Hope is sending much needed finance to help address the crisis caused by Covid-19.
Workers on a local farm
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Prabir and Sumita Narjinary with Living Hope President Mike Hayden


 Women thrashing the rice for the stalks


Church plant in the Mathura Tea Garden, Currently there are 50 People led by a young pastor and Tea Garden worker named Philemon.


Left Mike Hayden, center Philemon, right Prabir