Get Involved

Get Involved

Here are some ways to GET INVOLVED:

1. Pray....for the wisdom and the resource to humbly create a world of difference.

2. Give....partner with Living Hope in specific projects or monthly needs. We also receive stock donations. 

3. Raise Awareness....the world is full of vulnerable children and hurting families that need empowerment.  Let's raise awareness in our communities to what is going on locally and abroad in order to make a difference in the lives of orphaned children.  Especially those without the basic necessities of life.  

4. Create difference....take action. If not through prayer, partnership, or raising awareness, then contact us for other ways to empower those in need and show them a living hope in Jesus Christ. 

5. Support Living Hope by starting your shopping at

Our desire is to see peace in the lives of those to whom we are ministering locally and abroad because we represent a Living Hope.

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