Who We Are

Who We Are

Our Roots 

LIVING HOPE INTERNATIONAL (LHI) was registered as non-profit organization in Februrary 20, 1990 and now functions as the benevolence arm of Covenant Family Churches making impact around the world.  LHI has been at work around the world for much longer and under different titles.  Below is a glimpse into our story....

Living Hope International has roots that run deep and span over decades and continents. We are privileged to have such a legacy of men and women giving of the time and resource to empower the vulnerable and create a world of difference.

We began in 1985 under the name Help Africa. We worked under the oversight of our friend and spiritual father, Bryn Jones, who was based in Coventry, England. Help Africa made significant impact into Zambia which continues to this day. A trade school and rural health clinic were established in Sachibondu, Zambia. A mobile clinic operated out of a state-of-the-art fully equipped Land Rover, which made weekly visits into the local villages to provide urgent healthcare. Help Africa supplied medication and staff for both clinics. Containers of necessary supplies shipped from the United States were delivered to contribute to the development of the clinic and trade school.

In 1990, the name of the organization changed to Help Relief Agency, and again 1994 to Help International as our work spanned Eastern Europe, India, and other African countries. During this time the organization grew to be effective in alleviating suffering while equipping men and women for Christian ministry. In 1994 and 1995 Help International partnered with the UNHCR (United Nations High Commission for Refugees) to send relief workers to Zaire (current day Congo). The teams were sent to help with the Rwandan refugee crisis delivering food, water, medical supplies and transporting refugees to various camps established by the Red Cross. Help International also delivered critically needed food to refugees in Casa Banana refugee camp in Mozambique.

Help International expanded its presence in 1999 to begin a partnership in India providing clean showers and toilet facilities to a leper colony in South Bengal, India, in a town called Purulia.

In 1995, under the leadership of Dr. Steve Ottolini and Pastor Mike Hayden, Covenant Discipleship Training program was launched in St. Louis. This ministry emphasized our desire to change the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ as it housed students from Great Britain, Zambia, Zimbabwe, India, Guatemala, South Africa, and Albania. As a result of the success of the Covenant Discipleship Training program the model was replicated in Livingstone, Zambia, and North and South Bengal, India, which are still equipping students in Christian leadership today.

In 2006 the organization now called Living Hope International expanded its scope to include vocational training programs, children's education and feeding programs, widows and orphans care in India. In addition Living Hope partnered with Rainbow Africa to support children’s education, Mwenda health clinic and operated an ear care clinic with Dr. Robert Kletzker, who with support from the staff of Mwenda clinic, treated hundreds of patients and performed critically needed surgeries. Today, Living Hope supports nearly 400 children at Linda community school in southern Zambia. Providing school uniforms, textbooks, shoes, furniture, teachers salaries, and teaching materials. Living hope provides clothing, food, and medicine to the poor and vulnerable both in India and Africa.

Living Hope has built many homes for widows and orphans in the Malala and Malone compounds of southern Zambia. For as little as $1,300 Living Hope can upgrade a windowless, mud thatch structure to a secure, two-room brick home. Motorbikes, vans, and four wheel drive vehicles are provided to assist the operations of charity, evangelism, and Christian leadership training

We are grateful for all of our partners around the world that have participated in the work of Living Hope and have financially supported this charity. Jesus instructed his followers to "remember the poor" and we respond like the apostle Paul who said "it was the very thing he was eager to do"

For the past 35 years this charity has been eager to extend mercy and help to the poor, the orphans and widows by God's grace it has grown stronger and more effective overtime.

Living Hope International was founded in Missouri, United States of America in 1990 and currently functions as the benevolence arm under the 501(c)3 of Covenant Family Churches. 

Our Burden 

To be used by God to bring healing to a broken world. Living Hope International has a burden from the Lord to not give up on the forgotten.  Through relationships in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Guatemala, and India we desire to see God at work to restore broken relationships to God, self, others, and creation.  Join us in our efforts to bring hope to hurting communities living in extreme vulnerability. 

Our Staff 

Presdent: Mike Hayden


David Ottolini

David Africa 

 Gilford Kasota